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Lo spazio interno moderno come oggetto di salvaguardia / Modern Interior Space as an Object of Preservation

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Grignolo R., Reichlin B.
In 20th century heritage conservation projects, modern interior space often receives secondary consideration. This is due to several reasons: conservation of interiors can interfere with the current use of an object, as well as with the expectations of its user, tenant or owner; conservation often clashes with current regulatory requirements; furthermore conservation of interior spaces implies the convergence of a variety of players to assure a diversity of skills and competencies. Stemming from such considerations, the international conference gathered scholars and professionals who have gained direct working experience of 20th century interiors and their conservation. Introduced by an overview of the history of modern interiors, the conference provided a sampling of diverse interior spaces, gathered around three main themes: "musealisation", concerning interventions on 20th century icons, such as Fallingwater in Bear Run and the Sonneveld Huis in Rotterdam; "the difficult adaptation of fragile monuments", addressing those buildings which are "naturally" subjected to ongoing changes because of their function and which consequently resist musealisation, including the schools by Schumacher and Scharoun or the museums by Albini and Scarpa; and lastly "preserving short lifespan interiors", considering buildings the function of which entails planned obsolescence owing to technical and regulatory evolution, such as the Orly Sud air terminal or the Piscine des Amiraux by Henri Sauvage, both in Paris. The conference highlighted that if, in the case of protected buildings, interventions may be granted derogations from current regulatory requirements, in the case of non protected buildings, it is up to conservation architects to find skilful solutions that achieve the preservation of those values that preliminary analysis has identified as being essential.
Mendrisio Academy Press-Silvana Editoriale, Mendrisio-Cinisello Balsamo