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Istituto di comunicazione pubblica (ICP)


The Institute of Public Communication (ICP) covers three main research areas:

  • Public Communication: deals with the distinct but organically linked sectors of the political, institutional and social communication of public or private institutions which work in local, national and international contexts
  • Social Marketing (BeCHANGE): involves social marketing projects and health promotion through the use of communication technologies on local and international scales
  • Intercultural Communication: a transversal and interdisciplinary field that examines interaction in which interlocutors (individuals, social actors, media) have different cultural references

The courses offered by the Institute are:

  • Core courses for the Bachelors degree and for specialization in "Public Communication"
  • Master courses in public communication in the Public Management and Policy MA Programme (PMP)
  • Courses linked to different summer schools at USI and abroad
  • Master of Advanced Studies in Intercultural Communication (MIC) and Master of Advanced Studies in Education Management for managers of educational institutes (GeFo).

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