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Social Network Analysis Research Center (SoNAR-C)


The Social Network Analysis Research Center (SoNAR-C) is an interdisciplinary research unit established in 2015 to pursue three broad objectives. The first is to support research and training in the methods and practical applications of social network analysis. The second is to facilitate coordination of research activities related to projects supported by competitive grants provided by national and international research funding agencies. The third is to provide a venue for exchanging experiences and ideas among members of the USI community interested in the analysis of social and other kinds of networks.  The research work of  members of the SoNAR Center may be found published in the main academic field journals including Social Networks, Network Science, Complex Networks,  Social Network Analysis and Mining,  Applied Network Science, and in some of the main international science journals, including BMC Bioinformatics,  Journal of Statistical Physics, Physical Review,  Scientific Reports, Proceedings of the Royal Society, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, and PLoS ONE.

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