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Institute of Management and Organisation (IMO)


The research of IMO members is wide and diverse. It is distinguished by various methodological approaches and for a perspective that focuses on the social context within which organisational behavior looms and takes shape. On the one hand, (more macro level) organisations are perceived as social actors that do not only react and act upon economic logics. On the other hand, (more micro level) organisations are understood as the result of internal social processes that influence the decisions of their members and sometimes those decisions are not following a pure profit maximization logic. The topics that are covered and investigated by IMO members concern entrepreneurship, the economic impact of consumer assessments and the social processes that influence them, organisational learning, organisational status and identity as market signals, antecedents and consequences of managerial mobility, tactical and operational decisions affecting humanitarian organisations. The methodologies used include experiments, statistical analyses of data, and simulations. The empirical contexts studied reflect those research interests and range from experience goods (i.e. products or services whose quality is difficult to evaluate before consumption, e.g. music), to service, manufacturing companies (either contemporary or historical). IMO members' publications have appeared in the most prestigious international journals, including Administrative Science Quarterly, American Sociological Review, Organisation Science, Academy of Management Journal, and Strategic Management Journal.

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