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Ticino Observatory on organised crime (O-TiCO)


The first Ticino Observatory on organised crime, created with the support of the Swiss Radio and Television (RSI), is housed within the Law Institute of Università della Svizzera italiana (IDUSI). Active since 1 January 2021, it is located in the Lugano West Campus. Dr Annamaria Astrologo is the Academic Head of the centre, the journalist Francesco Lepori the Head of Operations.

The objective of the Observatory is to promote the understanding of organised crime in Switzerland. Unfortunately, this phenomenon still seems to be underestimated by the institutions and the public opinion, despite the numerous warnings.

First of all, the Observatory opens its archives, which can be accessed in both digital and paper form. At the "heart" of the project, a collection of the judicial cases that have affected Ticino and the rest of the country. From an academic point of view, the systematic acquisition of material is intended to encourage research on the subject by students and researchers and participation in national and international research projects.

Moreover, the Observatory aims at planning various initiatives in the region. For example, in addition to lectures both for the university and schools of lower education, conferences and debates open to the general public are in store.

The centre of competence benefits from the support of the criminal prosecution authorities (Swiss and foreign) and constantly collaborates with all other entities, academic and civil society, engaged in the study of the phenomenon and the fight against organised crime.

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