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Center for Climate Finance and Sustainability (CCFS)


The aim of CCFS (hosted at the USI Institute of Finance ‐ IFIN) is to provide high‐level research that addresses one of the world’s most pressing problems, climate change, from the perspective of finance. The researchers of CCFS will (among other topics) develop research concerning compliance carbon credit markets (like the EU ETS or the California Cap‐and‐Trade System), markets for voluntary carbon credit offsets, and research about ESG Finance and Sustainability in general. Besides academic research, the members of CCFS will also foster knowledge exchange in helping to create and improve existing markets for carbon credit offsets in Switzerland and Europe, making use of the results acquired from the research projects for these purposes and bridging the gap between high‐level academic research and its practical applications. CCFS is a network partner of Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF), an association founded in 2014, which unites over 200 members and network partners from financial service providers, investors, public sector entities and other organizations, to strengthen Switzerland's position as a leading voice and actor in sustainable finance. CCFS will disseminate its activities through research publications, regular workshops, and conferences.

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