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Francesca Pallotti


PhD in Health Care Policy and Management. 2006. Catholic University, Rome, Italy.


My current research interest focuses on the study of collaborative and competitive relationships among members of organizational communities by using social network analysis models and techniques. In particular, my research aims at determining why organizations enter into collaboration and resource exchange relationships and how these relationships affect a variety of organizational outcomes. By using a diverse range of empirical methodologies for the analysis of longitudinal and cross-sectional data, I formulate and test specific theoretical predictions about the factors affecting collaboration between organizations. These factors include: (i) differences and similarities in organizational characteristics; (ii) elements of the institutional environment, and (iii) competition for resources. I am also increasingly intrigued by the role that cognitive categories and social identities play in shaping social interactions among organizations, as well as structural features of organizational fields and communities.

Project supporting work, granting institution: The project supporting my work titles "Niches, Networks and The Propensity of Organizations to Collaborate: Theories, Models, and Empirical Tests." This project has been awarded financial support by the Swiss National Science Foundation (March, 2009).

Referent faculty members: Alessandro Lomi