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Moreno Baruffini


Dr. Moreno Baruffini is an economist and environmental engineer. He works in the fields of regional sciences and statistics. Moreno Baruffini graduated with honours from the Politecnico di Milano (Italy) with a dissertation in regional sciences, in which he applied a foresight method to a spatial planning case study. He worked at the METID Centre (Metodi E Tecnologie Innovative per la Didattica) at the Politecnico di Milano and at the Institute of Earth Sciences of the University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland SUPSI.

In his Phd dissertation at the Faculty of Economics, University of Lugano (USI) he analysed labour market flexibility, security and complexity in the Swiss context. He is currently a research fellow and head of the Observatory for Economic Dynamics (O-De), Institute for Economic Research (IRE), University of Lugano (USI).


His current academic work concerns the analysis of European cross-border labour markets and border-regional economics, specifically focusing on trans-border mobility and “flexicurity”.


Microeconomics and Econometric Methods:
Microeconometrics, Economics of Risky Behaviors and Well-Being, Discrete Choice Analysis.

Labour Economics:
European cross-border labour markets analysis, border-regional economics, trans-border mobility,

Competence areas