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Igor Sarman


Igor Sarman obtained a Bachelor degree in March 2008 and a Master degree in March 2010 in International Trade and Stock Markets at the University of Trieste submitting a thesis entitled "Non-linearities and heterogeneity in estimation models applied to freight transport". Afterwards he worked as a researcher at the faculty of Economics in Trieste: he contributed to a study on choice behaviors in a context of discrete choices applied to freight transport demand and then he worked as a collaborator to UNIMOB research project which dealt with mobility and on home-university route modal choice with tasks of optimal survey design elaboration, direct data collection, data estimation and analysis of discrete choice modeling results. At present he is taking part to the Tourism Observatory at the Institute of Economic Research (IRE) in Lugano and deals with analysis of tourism demand and offer in Ticino region, Switzerland.


tourist behavior, tourist risk perception, discrete choice models, limited dependent variables modeling, latent variables modeling