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Sandro Bonetti


Sandro Bonetti is a family doctor in Dongio, a small village in the Blenio Valley, where he works together with his wife and another colleague in a group cabinet. 

He studied human medicine at the University of Zurich and graduated in 2002; in the same year and University he obtained the MD degree. The specialty in Internal medicine was obtained in 2008. He became a senior physician in the hospital of Acquarossa in 2007 and had the same role in the Lucerne cantonal hospital in 2009 before opening his family medicine cabinet in 2010. 

His preferred domains in internal medicine are neurology and, even more, ultrasound in internal medicine (he obtained his abdomen ultrasound certificate in 2009) and ultrasound of the musculoskeletal system (the certificate for this subspecialty of ultrasound imaging was obtained in 2022). 

In his role as president of the medical association of his region he is member of the board of the cantonal medical order of Ticino. Since 2019 he is member of the physician net Medix Ticino, a network with the aim of combining quality and evidence-based medicine with a judicious use of resources. He loves teaching medicine; several medicine students of the University of Bern absolved their practical periods in family medicine in his cabinet, and he is trainer in internal medicine for the SIWF. Since 2022 he is a teacher in the family medicine workshops of the University of Italian Switzerland.

Married with Claudia in 2012 he has two children born in 2014 and 2017. He loves nature and has a true passion for mushroom collecting in the woods of Ticino.