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Yutong Lin


Yutong Lin is the assistant to Prof. Matthew Hibberd.

She has an interdisciplinary and international educational background, having obtained a Bachelor's degree in Opera Performance in Italy (with full marks + bonus in many subjects) and a Master's degree in Music Management in the UK. 

 Her main responsibilities include assisting Prof.Hibberd with Master's courses, including International Strategic Management, Research Methods, The Platform Society, and the Undergraduate module: Global Media Challenges.  Additionally, she is responsible for updating and managing the social media platforms of the Department of Communication Sciences at USI, as well as assisting IMeG researchers in communicating with foreign institutions (particularly in Asia) and organizing academic exchange activities. 

She is also an active musician and soprano opera singer, having held solo concerts in Pavia, Italy, and Manchester, UK, and being interviewed by local newspaper reporters, with coverage appearing in newspapers. 

In 2023, she assisted in organizing symphony concerts and opera performances at the Ticino Music Festival. She is also a member of the Popular Culture Association (PCA) and presented an individual speech at a conference in Chicago, USA in 2024.

Currently, she is collaborating with Professor Hibberd on writing a book about symphonic music audiences, expected to be published in 2025. Additionally, she is collaborating with the Chicago Opera House in America, the Royal Ballet and Opera in the UK, and the Rome Opera House in Italy to complete her current research project. She is fluent in Italian, English, and Chinese, as well as some French.

Her research interests include Consumer Psychology, Media Strategy, Fan Studies, and Youth Engagement.