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Aditi Pandey


Aditi Pandey is an international trade lawyer with a work experience of more than five years. She has an advanced degree in international law and economics from the World Trade Institute, Bern. 

Previously, Aditi has worked as a trade policy consultant with many international organizations such as  International Trade Centre, Geneva,  UNESCAP, Thailand,  and OECD Paris. 

Moreover, Aditi has also worked as a legal consultant with the Government of India, advising the Indian government on various issues concerning international trade and commerce.

Currently, Aditi is pursuing her Ph.D. at the University of Geneva in international investment law. She is a teaching and research assistant in international trade law and sustainable development with Prof. Ilaria Espa.

Her areas of expertise are free trade agreements negotiations, trade in services, e-commerce, trade and environment. In her spare time, Aditi likes hiking, running, and yoga.