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Antonio Mele


Antonio Mele is a Professor of Finance at USI and the Swiss Finance Institute since 2011. He joined USI with a Chair promoted by the Associazione Bancaria Ticinese and a Senior Chair awarded by the SFI after having served at the London School of Economics and Political Science for a decade. He is also a Research Fellow in the Financial Economics program of CEPR (Centre for Economic Policy and Research) in London. He holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Paris, and his expertise covers capital market volatility, the interlinks between financial markets and business cycles, and the microstructure of financial markets.

Before these roles, he has taught at Université du Littoral (1996-2001), after the "concours d'agrégation des universités en Sciences Economiques" (1996), Queen Mary University of London (2001-2002), Università di Torino (2007-2008) and has visited the Economics Department of Princeton (Visiting Fellow, 2000) and, as Visiting Professor, Université de Toulouse (Economics Department, 2006), National University of Singapore (Finance Department, 2010), Imperial College London (Finance Department, 2013), Luxembourg School of Finance (2017, 2018), and London Business School (Finance Department, 2018). He has been Visiting Fellow at the European Central Bank (economics department, 2005; economics department, 2008) and the Swiss National Bank (2009, research department).

He contributed to the creation of new instruments to standardize the volatility of interest rate markets and the American and Japanese public debt. He has consulted or advised central banks and regulatory bodies on issues related to capital market volatility, securitization, and regulatory aspects of credit markets. Between 2015 and 2017, he acted as a member of the Securities and Market Stakeholder Group of ESMA (European Securities Markets Authority).

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