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Simone Pezzuto


Simone Pezzuto is postoctoral researcher at the Institute of Computational Science in Lugano and member of CCMC. He obtained his Master's Degree (2009) and his Ph.D. (2013) in Mathematical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. After a short postoctoral position in the same institution, he moved at Simula Research Laboratory, Oslo, in the Cardiac Modeling (CaMo) group, headed by S.T. Wall and supervised by J. Sundnes. He covered such position until the end of 2014, when he eventually moved to his current position in Lugano.


Simone's research at CSCS primarily focuses on cardiac electrophysiology, with particular interest in atrial fibrillation, ECG imaging, uncertainty quantification. In the past he has been focusing on cardiac mechanics, with a particular interest into the electromechanical coupling in the heart, which is also the main subject of his Ph.D. thesis.