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INTEGRAMM - International graduate programme in molecular medicine



Lanzavecchia A.


Sallusto F.



The comprehensive goal of this four-year project is to create a framework of administrative, research, training and educational activities, shared by four research institutions and one pharmaceutical SME, to support the development of an international graduate program in molecular medicine. The operational goal of the project is the implementation of a project involving a common set of qualified procedures to select, monitor, train and asses graduate students at multiple locations towards the achievement of an internationally competitive PhD degree in molecular medicine. The participating groups, which form the core of a recently funded EU Network of Excellence, will develop the project on a narrower, albeit multidisciplinary scientific area (cell migration in inflammation and immunity), to avoid loss of focus and to create a critical mass of scientists and laboratories that can productively and synergistically exchange know-how, state of the art technology and human resources to support the project's development. The PhD degree shall be initially awarded by Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele. At a later stage in the project, such agreements will be extended with the aim of awarding a joint PhD degree by all participating universities. INTEGRAMM will be strongly oriented towards promoting a swift transition from the scholarly activities of the enrolled fellows to a professional career in either academic or industrial research.

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Start date
End date
48 Months
Funding sources
European Commission
European and International Programmes / Framework Programme 6