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MAIN - Targeting cell migration in chronic inflammation



Lanzavecchia A.


Sallusto F.


Thelen M.


Uguccioni M.



Chronic inflammation is a systemic disorder resulting from the deregulation of multiple, mechanistically unrelated higher order biological processes. This Consortium will promote the integration of multi-disciplinary research groups to achieve a thorough understanding of directed inflammatory cell migration towards and across injured tissues. To achieve its goals, the MAIN Consortium will be based on four developmental Research Programs (Tool Development Program, Target Identification Program, Target Validation Program and Drug Development Program), three Support Facilities (Imaging, Polemics and Micro arrays) and one Core Facility (Bio informatics). The Research Programs are tightly interconnected in a logical sequence of highly integrated activities. The Tool Development Program (TDI) will develop technological tools that are instrumental to make advancements in the field of cell migration. The Target Identification Program (TIP) will identify signalling pathways and/or molecular networks involved in defined aspects of inflammatory cell migration. The Target Validation Program (TVP) will validate targets emerging from the TIP by testing them across in vitro and in vivo models, different inducing stimuli and manipulating conditions. The TVP combines the products of the TOP and the TIP to provide a unified explanation on how multiple "inputs" received by inflammatory cells result in spatially and temporally coordinated "outputs", affecting the migratory behaviour of such cells. The Drug Development Program (DDP) will transfer selected targets into a pipeline of drug development, through the Sees of the Consortium. The Support Facilities (Imaging, Micro arrays and Polemics) and the Bio informatics Core will provide technological and bio computational support to the programs. To spread excellence through education and training, MAIN will implement a Training and Education Program (TEP), with practical courses and workshops for graduate students and technicians.

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Start date
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48 Months
Funding sources
European Commission
European and International Programmes / Framework Programme 6