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Immunotherapy for Infectious disease (ITID) conference 2023



Varani L.



The “Immunotherapy for Infectious Diseases Conference” brings together academia, small biotech, pharma and regulatory bodies invested in the discovery of novel therapeutic strategies.

Infectious diseases remain a leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide, necessitating novel and innovative therapeutics.

COVID-19 demonstrated the importance of networking and scientific exchange between scientists, researchers, medical doctors, private companies and regulatory agencies to move rapidly and effectively. COVID-19 also showed the high positive impact of antibody-based immunotherapy, which was particularly safe and effective, literally saving thousands of lives.

Our conference covers all aspects of immunotherapy for infectious diseases including academic, clinical, biotech start-up, pharma and regulatory aspects.

Current and future challenges in infectious diseases range from neglected diseases affecting the poorest countries to antimicrobial resistant pathogens in modern hospitals; from rare but deadly infections affecting few, to the threat of potential global pandemics; from pathogens reaching new geographical areas due to climate changes to disease reemerging due to lack of vaccination coverage.

The ability of the human immune system to fight pathogens can be exploited for effective therapeutic strategies. Recombinant and further engineered antibodies can be used as active ingredients, as targeting agents to selectively deliver drugs or to establish novel vaccination strategies.

Bringing a novel therapy to the patients requires the combined effort of several players, all of which are brought together in the “Immunotherapy for Infectious Diseases Conference”, with world high caliber speakers and participants. The congress is organized in the USA and Europe in alternating years with the aim to serve as a forum to exchange ideas and foster cross-disciplinary collaborations.

The main question addressed by the conference: what is the state-of-the-art in infectious diseases, and how can we push it forward?

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Start date
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3 Months
Funding sources
Swiss National Science Foundation / Scientific Exchanges