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IMPACT-EV - Evaluating the impact and outcomes of European SSH research



Lepori B.


Canhilal S. K.



The main objective of IMPACT-EV is to develop a permanent system of selection, monitoring and evaluation of the various impacts of Social Sciences and the Humanities research. IMPACT-EV will not only develop indicators and standards for evaluating scientific impact of SSH research but especially, for evaluating their political and social impact.

The Political Impact of SSH research outcomes are showed through a set of indicators (quantitative and qualitative) and standards regarding policy attribution of SSH research. IMPACT-EV’s goal is, to identify whether research outcomes have an influence on policy reforms at different levels (EU, national or regional and local) or whether other types of political impact are achieved.

The Social Impact of SSH research outcomes is understood as the effects of policies and citizens’ actions (as showed in research evidences) to the achievement of the five EU 2020 targets (1) increased employment among 20-64 years old, 2) increased investment in R&D/I, 3) increase in energy efficiency and renewables, 4) reducing dropout rates and increasing third level education, 5) and reducing poverty and social exclusion). Social impact is showed through a set of indicators (quantitative and qualitative) and standards.

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Start date
End date
48 Months
Funding sources
European Commission
European and International Programmes / Framework Programme 7