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Remapping or Remapped – A workshop on Chinese Global Media



Balbi G.




Negro G.


Zhang Z.



The goal of the proposed workshop is to explore and discuss the political economy and the intercultural and transnational narratives of Chinese media from a global perspective. Consequently, the workshop aims to explore some issues at the intersections of the following fields:

  • Narratives and arguments related to the global strategies of Chinese media companies, focusing on economic (co-production and competition with Western media corporations) and cultural perspectives (promotion of Chinese discourse and image);
  • The way Chinese people and institutions are perceived by foreign governments, companies and, more specifically, by Western media;
  • Global media and soft power discourses that guide Chinese media policy, especially in the movie industry - for example, the attempt to counteract Hollywood’s dominant position in the market through forms of cooperation between the EU and China.

The workshop is co-organized by Professor Gabriele Balbi, Director of the China Media Observatory at the Università della Svizzera italiana, and Professor Jiang Fei, Director of the Center of Global Media & Communication Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

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Start date
End date
1 Months
Funding sources
Swiss Confederation
Swiss National Science Foundation / Bilateral programmes / Sino-Swiss Science and Technology Cooperation