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Smart Building Integration in Smart Grids

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Lukovic S., Čongradac V., Kulić F.
Article in conference proceedings
Modern power distribution systems gradually evolve into Smart Grids. Intelligence is getting inserted in all segments of the grid, monitoring and controlling entire power flow from generation and distribution down to consumption of home appliances. On the other hand renewable generation systems are getting widely deployed in public and residential buildings turning them into prosumers. Such scenario requires novel solutions for smart coupling of generation and consumption. Different kinds of prosumers clustering have been proposed by scientific community as a response. In the present work we propose an ICT structure capable of tackling this challenge. The conceptual solution represents an architecture which enables seamless integration of Smart Buildings into Smart Grids.
Conference proceedings
The 44th Heating Ventilation Air Condition and Refrigeration Congress and Exhibition - KGH 2013
Clustering, smart grid, smart home, System Level Model