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Adopting system engineering methodology to Virtual Power Systems design flow

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Lukovic S., Kaitovic I., Bondi U.
Article in conference proceedings
The concept of Virtual Power System (VPS) emerges as a promising response for increased concerns on secure, sustainable and at the same time ''clean'' energy supply requests. This novel concept aims at boosting operational efficiency of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) but also at establishing them as an autonomous commercial actor on the open energy market. Nevertheless, VPSs are fairly complex HW/SW systems that require holistic multidisciplinary approach and also novel specification, modeling and analysis instruments to facilitate mutual understanding among stakeholders from different fields. We introduce UML/SysML based modeling methodology to describe such power system related issues aiming at providing an unified modeling instrument applicable for VPSs design flow. In the proposed system engineering methodology, system representation starts from a very general context description and gets refined through different levels of abstraction down to concrete embedded systems employed to perform defined tasks.
Conference proceedings
CPSWEEK/GREEMBED 2010: Proceedings of the First Workshop on Green and Smart Embedded System Technology: Infrastructures, Methods and Tools
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Stockholm, Sweden