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Using MARTE for Designing power Supply Section of WSNs

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Argyris I., Mura M., Prevostini M.
Article in conference proceedings
Probably the biggest issue while tackling Wireless Sensor Networks design has always been providing them with adequate power supplies. Energy Harvesting was proposed as an essential feature for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)s in many application fields when the amount of energy contained in a commercial battery does not allow fulfilling the required mission. Solar energy is the most widespread mechanism used to harvest energy of the environment because of its good power density. However it introduces a level of uncertainty on the amount of energy available in the system. In this paper we propose a high level methodology for designing the power supply section of sensor nodes. In particular we suggest how to use MARTE UML design language in order to collect requirements for the application and transform them into specifications of the power supply system. The framework we propose aims at validating the design by simulating appropriate scenarios.
Conference proceedings
M-BED 2010: Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Model Based Engineering for Embedded Systems Design (a DATE 2010 Workshop)
Meeting place
Dresden, Germany