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Monuments in the Service of the Idea of Nation


Emelianova I.

Course director


The course deals with the origin, vocabulary and appropriations of the phenomenon of the national monument. What is a monument? What form and meaning does it acquire over time? Particular attention will be paid to the role of architecture viewed in an interdisciplinary perspective together with the arts and literature. Starting from these questions, the lectures will also explore the premises and reasons for the vandalism suffered, down to the present day, by monuments perceived as symbols of an established power or nation. The course will therefore take into account topics connected with the history of culture, politics and society. Divided into lectures and seminars for discussion with the students, the course will analyse examples of the most famous monuments from the Napoleonic era until the present day, and will cover an extensive geographical area, from Europe in the context of the construction of the nation states to overseas territories.


To offer an overview and the keys to understanding the artistic and ideological language of the complex phenomenon of national monument based on architectural, historical-artistic, cultural and political studies. Lessons will be held in Italian, but students will be able to use teaching materials in English.

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

70% Lecture

30% Seminars

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