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Calciolari S.

Course director


The course develops around three main topics: (a) Financial accounting and financial statements; (b) Financial statements analysis; (c) Performance management. The teaching methods include formal lectures as well as discussions of cases. The course provides the theoretical foundations and the main concepts of accounting together with opportunities of applying them to case discussions and exercises. At the end of the course, students will: (i) Master the techniques and main principles of financial accounting; (ii) Understand and interpret financial statements; (iii) Know how to design performance measurement and control systems according to strategic and organisational choices; (iv) Understand the logic and development of profit planning; (v) Know the role and relevance of multidimensional performance measurement systems.


Two books (selected chapters) represent the main course material:

  • Libby R., Libby P.A., Short D.G.  “Financial Accounting”, McGraw-Hill, (7th or 8th ed).
  • Simons, “Performance Measurement and Control Systems for Implementing Strategy”, Pearson New International Edition (2014).