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Introduction to Institutions and Economics of Pension and Aging


Galasso V.

Course director


This course explains the main features of public pension systems, provides an introduction to pension economics, describes the demographic dynamics, in particular to the aging process, and discusses the future challenges faced by the pension systems. The course is worth 3 credits, and runs from September 17th to October 29th, with the addition of a final symposium held on December 3rd. It is structured around regular lectures (by prof. Vincenzo Galasso), guest lectures by prominent experts in the field, and a final symposium. The course is followed by a subsequent course denominated Pension Economics and Finance (worth 3 additional credits), which begins on November 5th. Students interested in the topic are strongly advised to take both courses.
Pensions and Institutions

  • Welfare States and Pension Systems: an overview
  • Introduction to Pension Systems: Goals, historical aspects and main features
  • Pension policy in Switzerland: structure and organization; AVS funds, allocation of activities and risks. Guest speaker

Microeconomic of Pensions

  • Savings individual decisions and lifecycle models
  • CEPRA Lecture on Retirement Invited Speaker
  • Retirement individual decisions and labour market choices
  • Intergenerational Risk Share and Redistribution
  • Demographics Dynamics and Public Policies
  • Aging, demographic transition and pension systems
  • The Political economy of pensions
  • Pension Reforms
  • Future Challenges for pension systems in aging societies

Final Symposium on the Future of Pension Systems in Aging Societies
Speakers and panelists: Eric Breval (Swiss Pension Fund), Marco Netzer (Swiss Pension Fund), Elsa Fornero (former Italian Labor Minister)