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Organizational Learning


Beck N.

Course director


Objectives of the course

This course aims at exploring the different ways in which organizations learn from past experiences and change themselves accordingly. Decisions on important organizational changes can be undertaken successfully only if the organizational members are willing and able to learn from prior experiences they need to overcome their (quite natural) resistance to change. This course will therefore provide students with the relevant knowledge on how organizations can learn from the past and how organizational members can be convinced to support necessary changes.



This course  will consist of the presentation of concepts of organizational learning and the discussion of practical cases. Several different approaches to organizational learning and change, as well as considerations concerning the management of employee issues during change processes will be discussed. The course will also discuss an approach to the management of subsidiaries in different countries. Every single approach will be placed in practical context by discussing case studies or videos that represent practical examples of the approaches that have been discussed before.


Structure of the course

The course basically consists of lectures on the theoretical foundations and discussion of business cases. The discussion of business cases will be followed by assignments on these cases that students have to solve at home. These two types of classes alternate.



The grading system will be as follows:

Assignments on business cases: 40%

Exam: 60%