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Launching FinTech Ventures


Cavatore P.

Course director


The course aims at providing the main tools for writing and presenting a business plan in the FinTech space.

Description / Program
A business plan is a formal document outlining the details of a new business venture, guiding both entrepreneurs (startups) and intrapreneurs (corporates) on where to focus their efforts and how to execute their idea. It serves as a roadmap for where the business is going and identifies the opportunities, strengths, and growth potential of the business idea as well as the potential risks and challenges.
We begin by defining what is a business plan and why is important. We will cover the different sections of a business plan: the executive summary, the strategic overview, the competitive analysis, the marketing and operational plan, the financial plan and the management team. We will discuss technical concepts, best practices, use cases and exercises with a focus on the FinTech ecosystem.

Learning Method / Style of Lessons
Lectures will mix the introduction of technical concepts, best practices, use cases and exercises.
Compliant with COVID-19 guidelines

Exam Style
Students are expected to work in groups for the assignments and the final grade is a mix of:
20% lecture group assignments (regular attendance is expected)
40% final group assignment: a capstone project where each group will pitch its Business Plan in front of the class during the last lecture
40% final written exam  

Lecture slide decks will be made available on the course website. The recommended textbook for the course is “Creating Business Plans”, Harvard Business Review Press, 2014