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Applied Statistics


Di Serio C.

Course director

Nonis A.



Each Lesson includes two Hours theory+ two hours practicals.

LESSON I Intro Excel + Data collection
LESSON II Charts and frequency distribution 
LESSON III Numerical descriptive indexes
LESSON IV Correlation
LESSON V Association
LESSON VI Simple linear regression
LESSON VII Probability  I 

- Normal distribution: evaluating normality 
- decision making in finance

Lesson VIII Probability II: 
-sampling distributions
-confidence intervals
- economic database

LESSON IX Confidence Intervals : two samples Hypothesis testing one sample

LESSON X Hypothesis testing two samples Anova
LESSON XI Multiple regression
LESSON XII Quality control


Students are divided in two groups.

Each group will attend for theoretical lessons (Prof. Di Serio) and Practicals (Dr. Nonis) according to the schedule.

Final exam will be in July, at the end of the semester during the regular exams’ sessions. 
Exam will be oral 

Reference Material
Slides and data files
Reference book: Berenson, Levine, Krehbiel, Basic business statistics, 12th ed