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Advanced Research Methods in Health Communication


Nakamoto K.

Course director



One of the skills foundational of the Communication, Management and Health program is the ability to read and critically assess work from the scholarly literature. Critical assessment means not only understanding what the authors claim they have done but also assessing the validity of those claims. Developing this skill forms the focus of this course. This is an advanced course in the sense that it is assumed that students have previously had a course in research methods. Coverage of the specific topics will be brief and meant to remind students of core concepts. It is recommended that students in the course have access to their textbook from their prior research methods course or other social science research methods reference.

Most of this class will be focused on application of research tools to examine specific papers—to consider research methods as tools to enhance our understanding of what the authors have done, why they did what they did, the strengths and weaknesses of those choices, and what we learn from the research.
The course this year is constrained to be taught wholly online. Microsoft Teams will be the platform. Class sessions as noted below will consist of a short review of key concepts followed by a group exercise focused on the application of these concepts and methods. Articles from the health communications, public health, and medical literatures will provide vehicles for study. Individual readings and individual assignments will form the bulk of the asynchronous learning activities and the basis for course grades.


Feel free to contact me via email at [email protected] if you have questions during the course.