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Health Policy


Ludolph R. A.

Course director


Course objectives:

  1. To understand the relevance of policy for public health.
  2. To comprehend the role of social, commercial and environmental determinants for public health and how they can be influenced by health policy.
  3. To gain an overview of actors relevant to health policy-making.

Course description:

This course offers a multidisciplinary approach to analysing the impact of health policy on health outcomes, equity levels and the well-being of individuals and society as a whole. It will explore interactions between the public and private sector and shed light on possible tensions between governments, civil society and interest groups, to study how these might influence or be addressed in the health policy-making process. The course will further focus on the role of commercial, social and environmental determinants and discuss the importance of taking a "Health in All Policies" approach towards policy coherence, promoting positive health outcomes and health equity. Case studies from local, national and international settings will illustrate the theoretical concepts of policy formulation, implementation and their analysis in different contexts.

Learning methods:

  • Readings
  • Interactive discussions
  • Case study analysis

Evaluation procedures and Grading criteria:

Participation in class exercises and case study analysis will be graded.
Grading will be based on a scheme communicated during the first session of the course.

Required materials:

Will be provided in class