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Academic Writing


Bostock L.

Course director


Course Objectives & Outcomes
This course aims to equip Master’s students with the ability to complete higher-level academic writing tasks in English and lays the foundation for writing an academic thesis in English. We will use examples, model texts and practical activities to help develop the essential skills needed to compose texts that meet the expectations of an academic reader.

At the end of the course, the student will have planned, researched, written and edited a 2,000-word academic essay following current conventions of argumentation, organisation and citation. He/she will be confident enough to follow through the writing process from brainstorming and planning to final draft, and produce an argument that is cogent and well-supported by credible evidence presented in a suitable organisational structure.

Working method
Teaching takes the form of classes with practical exercises and examples, along with a series of writing workshops in which students present their writing, offer constructive criticism of the work of their peers and receive individual guidance from the tutor.

Course Content
The course is divided into 4 modules:
1. Preparing to write: research, planning, taking a position.
2. Essay structure & organisation: components, argumentation, evidence.
3. Using & citing sources: evaluating sources, integrating and reporting, citation.
4. Accuracy & clarity: elements of academic style, editing.

A large part of the grade will be given for the essay produced during the course. The balance of the grade will be on final examination including various writing exercises.
The course is suitable for students at B2+/C1 level and above. Students from all Master’s programmes of the Faculty of Economics, as well as Erasmus or exchange students, are welcome to attend. However, because of the intensive assessment and feedback process required, student numbers are limited.