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Finance and Sustainability


Frésard L.

Course director

Dalla Fontana S.



Corporate Finance, Investments

This course is designed to use concepts and tools of economics to introduce students to important questions and trade-offs related to the role of the financial sector in the transition towards a more sustainable economy.

Description / Program
Topics will include, among others, market failures and regulations, externalities, the objective of firms, divestment vs. engagement, measurement and hedging of climate risk, measurement of firms’ sustainability actions, the impact of growing ESG investors on asset demand, prices and risk, the financing of a sustainable economy and clean technologies, finance and inequalities.

Learning Method / Style of Lessons
In class with presentations, assignments, case studies, guest speakers.

Exam Style
Final written exam (50%), presentations and cases (40%), participation (10%)

Requested Material
HBS cases

Several scientific and press articles and reports.