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Banking Strategies & Wealth Management (eco)


Soncini L.

Course director

Vergani G.

Course director



Provide students with a clear understanding on how financial intermediaries react to the changing financial environment and adhere to new standards, while learning about their  key processes and relevant value chain.

Description / Program
The course provides an introduction to the elaboration of a Strategy for a Financial Institution, starting from the understanding of the financial environment and the macro trends characterizing the banking processes, down to client’s segments, products and services, and business areas (retail banking, private banking, commercial banking, investment banking and asset management with a specific focus on wealth management). Complementary to finance and investments tracks, this course mainly focuses on a holistic, cross-disciplinary wealth management approach, and provides content on wealth governance, family advisory, wealth structuring and succession planning. Moreover, it adopts a value chain based approach, analyzing and challenging the current business model while re-assessing the role of the relationship management.
Some “case study” will be analyzed in class, giving students the possibility to learn from more than 25 years of experiences accumulated by the lecturer.

Learning Method / Style of Lessons

Four-hours class each week for a total of 56 hours/semester.

Exam Style
Written. Divided into 2 sections: multiple choice questions (40% of evaluation), open questions (60% of evaluation)

Requested Material
Provided by the lecturer.

Provided by the lecturer.