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Business Analytics


Martignoni D.

Course director

Sachenbacher M. A.



Course objectives
In this course, students will learn how to

  • Translate real world problems into formal models.
  • Apply different methods to improve a current solution.
  • Determine the optimal solution to a formal model.
  • Do quick ad-hoc analyses using Pivot tables.
  • Aggregate and analyse large date sets using different EXCEL functions.

Course description
This course will show you how to analyse a surprisingly wide array of business planning and decision problems using spreadsheet models. We will cover to broad topics: (1) analysing data and (2) modelling decision problems.

Learning methods
It is a very hands-on class, learning by doing. In class and in the assignments, we will analyse datasets and implement models to solve business problems.

Not mandatory. But I will ask students to present and discuss their solutions to the assignments.

Examination information
100% Assignments (individual), no exam.

Required material
No readings required.