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Workshop - Reality, Truth and Stage Space


In the real world we move through spaces rhythmically articulated by an alternating interplay of voids and solids resting on simple, precise rules. Then there is the dream world, which many of us love to frequent, where coherence is not necessarily at home. Then there is the theatre, the place devised to recount and pass on stories, myths and legends. Theatres are instruments capable of amplifying emotions, creating illusion and allusions, where the power of evocation takes actors and audience on small initiatory journeys. Nothing on the stage is true; the blood dripping from wounds is not real; people do not really die on the boards of the stage; none of the places evoked is true, yet with string, cardboard, glue, wood and nails we can create places that are truer than the reality in which we are immersed. Theatrical sets are not objects or even spaces, they are musical instruments, magic wands, monumental games of illusion that seem magically truer than reality itself.


Finzi Pasca D.


De Bortoli A.