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Construction and Project


Dusi C.

Course director

Graf F.

Course director

Buggio A.


Buzzi Huppert B.


Poma E.



The course is conceived as complimentary of the course “Construction Systems and Processes”.The contents and the program aim to introduce the students towards a critical approach to architecture regarding construction so as to achieve useful skills and tools for independent architectural design.In parallel with the contents of the course “Construction Systems and Processes”, the course deals with a guided analysis of significant examples of the contemporary construction practice.The course includes lectures, seminars and practical exercises. During the lectures the various themes of construction are presented, regarded as chains of components (roof, wall, partitions, etc.). Representative constructive solutions of contemporary architectural practice are analyzed altogether with case studies from XX century architecture. Through redrawing and guided analysis of constructive drawings during the lectures, the students develop the tools for a critical approach to representation of construction project. They become aware of the relationships between the creative architectural design phase and the necessary definition of construction choices.


The aim of the course is to make students aware of the architectural consequences of certain constructional and material choices.

Sustainable development goals

  • Responsible consumption and production

Learning methods

50% Frontal lesson
50% Practical exercises

Examination information

Written during the semester