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Project I: Atelier Carrilho


Carrilho Da Graca J. L. R.

Course director

Da Silva Azevedo F. A.


Romani M. A.



The Design Studio promotes the definition of a sensitive relationship between a programme of public use and the territory in which it is inserted and articulated. The intervention area is known as Estaleiro Navel Rocha Conde de Óbidos and includes the six dry docks located on that specific area of the platform of the Port of Lisbon.

From the morphological analysis of the territory to the architectural design of the final building, students will define a programme for public use that will then be developed and tested with large-scale models. The new intervention can be a singular building or a more complex system of buildings with a strong interaction with the site, taking advantage of the existing architectural quality and its relation with the river.

“If a sailor does not know which port he is sailing to, no wind is favourable” (Seneca).


The Atelier is defined by a process of analysis that moves from the territorial and programmatic scale to the architectonic scale, both in terms of function and detail, promoting students’ autonomous and critical development of a conclusive project definition to be presented with selected graphic materials and a clear and effective oral description of the work.

Sustainable development goals

  • Clean water and sanitation
  • Affordable and clean energy
  • Sustainable cities and communities

Learning methods

The student will collectively present the Project progression during the weekly critique with the lecturer, by using graphic elaborates and models of different scales of representation.

A general model of the area of intervention will be produced collectively at the beginning of the semester.

Examination information

Each student is responsible for participating in the weekly critiques conducted collectively by presenting the required documents from week to week and for the mid-term and final critiques




Study trips

  • Lisbon, 29.09.22 - 02.10.22 (Optional)
  • Lisbon, 29.09.22 - 02.10.22 (Optional)