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Diversity and Inclusion


Drzewiecka J.

Course director


This course will advance understanding of the relevance of diversity and inclusion for policy and building sustainable societies. We will discuss theoretical perspectives on culture, multiculturalism, diversity categories, inclusion and migrant integration, and their relevance for policy and the workplace. We will also consider how stereotyping and prejudice impede inclusion. Readings will extend and illustrate these concepts with case studies of interactions in institutional, interpersonal and mediated settings. Lectures and discussions will focus on issues that are currently debated in public spaces and institutions, and shape public policy and opinion while sometimes sparking intense disagreement or controversy. We will explore these from different angles to understand how they impact the society and public and private institutions and how to enhance engagement across differences. Students will be challenged to think outside of the dominant norms and debate in the spirit of critical exploration.


  • understanding the dynamics of culture, multiculturalism and intercultural communication;
  • understanding diversity categories from an intersectional perspective;
  • understanding how inclusion can be promoted to build sustainable societies;
  • proficiency in application of theoretical concepts to practices and cases;

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

Lectures, readings, discussions, presentations and self-directed learning

Examination information

  • research article group presentation
  • a final paper