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Advanced Corporate Strategy


Bettinazzi E.

Course director

Xie S.



Corporate strategy decisions are necessary for firms to grow their business. However, realizing the expected value through these ventures has proved to be far from obvious.

In this course, we will join our forces to address the following questions:

•             How should we assess the value creation potential and the risks in corporate development strategies?

•             What are the alternative mechanisms that can be used for corporate growth?

•             Under what conditions we shall prefer one over other mechanisms of corporate development?

•             What are the critical factors that could translate the value creation potential into actual value?

•             M&As 

o             How does the acquisition process look like?

o             What different approaches can be used in the post-acquisition phase? How can we select among them?

•             How do alliances work?

•             When to divest?

•             What are the implications beyond shareholder value creation/disruption?

Together, we will cover the topics of the course, and we will apply frameworks and notions to specific cases.


By the end of the course, you will be able to:

•             select among different alternative mechanisms of growth

•             assess acquisition and alliance opportunities using appropriate tools

•             evaluate value creation potential and develop plans to realize this potential

•             identify the most appropriate post-acquisition strategies to implement

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods


Examination information

50% Group work

50% Final exam