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Research Methods I


Di Serio C.

Course director

Nonis A.



Introduction to research method: epistemology and critical appraisal.
Defining research question in simple experiments and surveys. Data collection principles.
Sampling methods: from simple sampling to snowball sampling. How to select a sampling procedure consistent with the research question. 
Extract data from a public database.
Translate your research question into a statistical question. 
Univariate and bivariate descriptive approach.
Basics of an inferential approach with dependent or independent observations
Basics of multivariable inferential analysis.
Six sigma and quality control.


The course aims at giving an introduction to the quantitative methods used in research. Starting from epistemology, the lectures present how to conduct a research from the data collection till the analysis and reporting with a critical appraisal of the results. 

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

Each lecture is accompanied with an exercise session to apply with a spreadsheet software the new concepts. The usage of real datasets and the analysis of case studies helps the student in assimilate the notions and develop a critical appraisal to apply the correct technique and interpret the numerical results in a practical way. 

Examination information

During the course students might receive assignments. These are on voluntary base and will be corrected in class. 100% of the mark will be assessed with a final oral examination.