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Festival Economies and Ecologies


Lee K. B.

Course director


The seminar will take advantage of the local connection with the Locarno Film Festival, a recognized leading global film festival, and its own initiatives for developing its operations in response to ongoing and emergent challenges and opportunities. The course will look at other local and international festivals and perform comparative analysis on their respective responses to their particular and common circumstances.


This course studies the social and cultural significance and the practical business operations of festivals. Specific emphasis is given to film festivals as they balance the interests of cinematic art, media industry and cultural politics at both the local and global level. This context provides a specific cases for understanding the real life applications of  communications, public relations, marketing, event planning, media management, organisational development and strategic planning.

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

The course will consist of lectures, discussions and interactions with those holding key positions in the festival industry. Visits to the Locarno film festival offices are also possible, semester schedule permitting. Visit to the Cannes Film Festival in May is also possible, depending on coordination with other courses taken by students.

Examination information

Final research project - 70%

Class assignments  - 30%



Study trips

  • Cannes Film Festival, 17.05.23 - 21.05.23 (Optional)