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Service Design Marketing


Mandelli A.

Course director


This course starts from recognizing that the relevance of “service design” in marketing today  is twofold:
First, as C. Gronroos says “every product is a service”. Every product is a solution to customers' problems, so  even the tangible component of this solution must be designed as part of a larger complex service system.
Second, within a Service Dominant Logic paradigm and customer-centric marketing, the customer - and the possibility to design valuable experiences for him/her - must be put at the centre of marketing and the firm's business strategy.  This implies looking at services not only as part of a company’s offering but also as the perspective to redesign the entirety of its marketing activities.

Digital innovation is key to this approach to design. Main focus will be on the usage of data, machine learning, AR/VR, and Internet of Things applied to service design and management. Servitization phenomena will also be discussed. 

This approach applies to both consumer and BtoB industries


oThe course has the objective to discuss ho we should design services, service experience management systems and service platforms, at times of digital transformation. The focus will be on the customer-centric approach to  design, and the impact of big data, machine learning, AR/VR and Internet of Things on service design and management. 

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

Lectures, case discussions, group work

Examination information

Individual exam will count 70% - Group work will count 30%