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Museology and Museography: from Private Space to Public Space


Mazzarelli C.

Course director

Bernardi A.


Piccoli L.



The course aims at outlining the times and modalities of the passage from the private spaces of collecting - Renaissance studiolo, Baroque galleries, wunderkammer - to the museum as a space of collectivity, a central theme of reflection also in the theory of modern and contemporary culture (Valéry, Benjamin, Baudrillard, Le Corbusier, Eco, etc.). Visits to museums and collections are an integral part of the course: the aim is to integrate historical-critical study with the direct analysis of places.


Basic knowledge of the history and theory of the museum from its origins to the 21st century. Analysis of the main typologies. Introduction to the problems of museography of the modern and contemporary age with particular reference to the relationship between container and content, the relationship with the historical-cultural context, the relationship between conservation and use of the artistic and architectural heritage.

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

60% Lecture
20% Seminars or Conferences
20% Visits without overnight stay

Examination information

Oral during the exam session