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Decision Making


Martignoni D.

Course director


In this course, we will cover the following topics:

(1) Ethical decision making, (2) Decision making under certainty, (3) Decision making under risk, (4) Decision making under uncertainty, (5) Intuitive decision making, and (6) Learning. 


The course provides an introduction to the main issues of (individual) decision-making and learning.
The aim is that after the course you will

(1) improve your decision making skills and

(2) be able to understand the basic concepts and frameworks of decision theory. Given that we only have seven sessions, most of the course will be rather introductory.

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

This course is open to everybody! I will point to you to some interesting books & articles but there is no reading list or textbook (only my slides).

The class has a website on iCorsi. You can find this course syllabus there. After each class, I will post slides and additional readings.

Examination information

Online Experiments (5 %)

There will be online experiments in each class. All experiments will be done in the class, i.e., you have to come to class to participate and contribute to the discussion. Unfortunately, it is not possible to take the experiments before or after the class. To participate, you need a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Your grade is based only on your participation (and not on the quality of your answers).

Group Presentation (10%)

Exam (80%)