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History of Modern Architecture 2


Hildebrand S.

Course director

Pennati L.



The course continues the overview of the history of architecture since the mid-18th century from BSc1 / sem 2. It surveys the time span between 1890 and 1945. Key issues addressed include the attempts from around 1900 onwards to initiate a new beginning for architecture and to establish alternative modes of thinking, breaking with the evolutionary approach of the previous century. We will investigate concepts, arguments and the rhetoric connected with new perceptions of modernity. Positions promoting historico-cultural connections will be explored alongside the outlook of the avant-garde. The breaks and continuities characterizing the first half of the twentieth century architectural culture will be discussed in this context.


The aim of the course is to impart general understanding of the context of architectural theory and practice in the histories of ideas, culture, society, economy and technology of the late 19th to mid-20th centuries. Within this framework the course will introduce key protagonists and their works. This approach allows to develop students' basic knowledge of architectural history while simultaneously making them increasingly aware of the analytical problematics of historical context.

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100% Lectures

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