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Workshop: Theory and Practice of Conservatorship


Mazzarelli C.

Course director

Piccoli L.



The workshop includes lessons and visits with experts. Students will be invited to reflect on the problems inherent in the “practices” of the museum and the exhibition space. Seminars on specific cases are envisaged in dialogue with professionals ‒ from conservators and curators, to restorers, museographers and light designers ‒ and in particular the intention is to discuss some themes at the centre of the contemporary debate regarding the relationship between conservation and the use of the permanent collections, the reconfiguration of historical narrative paths as well as the issues connected with sustainability and accessibility, with a look also at the emerging proposals in the field of curating the contemporary and the use of the virtual and digital in installations.


The Workshop aims to provide an introduction to the practices of museum curating and exhibition space. In particular, it intends to provide the tools for understanding a “system”- management, organization and planning of a museum space and an exhibition  - which is based on the dialogue between curator/conservator and architect.

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

Organized in working groups or individually, students will work in the field with experts on specific cases, circumscribing a theme and analyzing it through tools such as sketching, surveying, photographic documentation or even the drafting of a short historical-critical text.

Examination information

Drafting an individual work to be agreed with the teacher during the seminars and site inspections. The delivery of the work will be requested on a date to be agreed after the conclusion of the Workshop.