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Architects and the Urbanization Process


Bideau A.

Course director

Bernardi A.



Neither architecture nor urbanism are codified as disciplines. Accordingly, architects can base their interventions in cities upon a multitude of premises. The conceptional options are multiplied because the city, urban society and the urban economy are all subjected to complex processes of transformation. The connection between architecture production and urbanisation is the focus of this seminar. Lectures and assigned readings will present urban environments from the late 19th century to the recent past and present: their representation and perception, their configuration, transformation or reconstruction. Linking urban space to economic regulation and social differentiation, we will ask how cultural shifts impact the concept of ‘urbanity’ and problematise the role of architects. In particular, we will ask how they deploy symbolic capital in changing urban environments.


Critical and historical analysis of the issues discussed in the course.

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

Reading assignments (excerpts) with short written responses prior to class meeting.

Examination information

Written exam during examination session