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Technologies for Restoration of the Modern


Graf F.

Course director

Nozza C.

Course director


The course is structured in two didactic components:

  • the first includes lessons during which the principles and methods for the protection and preservation of the architectural heritage will be presented;
  • the second includes seminars and an exercise carried out also with the contribution of some professionals active in international research in the field of new technologies for diagnostic practices and maintenance intervention, material protection and restoration of the building elements. Following a site inspection, guided redesign on the basis of original documents and architectural and constructive analysis of a case study, each group of students will be led to identify practical strategies for the protection and restoration of the original consistency of an heritage building.


New skills and diagnostic technologies today allow to adopt innovative practices for the material protection of the architectural heritage. Critical history, construction characteristics and material analysis lead to the development of specific protection and reuse strategies, which take into account the challenges of modern heritage. The course is enhanced by the structured collaboration with the Foundation and Archive Renzo Piano - Genoa/Paris.

Sustainable development goals

  • Good health and well-being

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

Students will work in groups and a multidisciplinary approach will be adopted.

Examination information

The final exam focuses on the topics presented ex-cathedra and during the reviews of the exercise. Each group will be asked to present, with a critical approach, the work process adopted during the entire semester and the guidelines for the maintenance, protection and restoration of case studies.