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Social Media Management


Benecchi E.

Course director

Barcella D.




  • Students will learn a social media management framework: a structure that will tie together all the theories, best practice, cases the course will offer.
  • Students will learn what a social media plan is and what are the relevant elements.
  • Students will earn professional certifications useful for a social media management career.
  • Students will put into practice what they learn by developing a social media plan, guided by the teacher and experts who will offer practical lectures during the course.
  • Students will receive specific lessons on social media monitoring so that they will be able to present relevant data, trends, risks, and opportunities related to social media use.


Platforms may change, but the social media management principles still apply. 

This course aims at providing students with an understanding of the fundamental concepts, strategies, and best practices that can help individuals and companies to maximize their value on/through social media. Hence, students will have the chance to acquire knowledge on how to research, plan and evaluate the use as well as the management of social media.

After completing this course, the students will:

  • Identify principles learned in the course to determine why particular social media campaigns failed and others succeeded.
  • Be able to use professional tools aim at supporting the social media management practice.
  • Produce content materials for social media in relation to specific goals, objectives and target audiences.

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

Theoretical lectures and application of theory to real cases: this is the mantra of the course. 

Students will demonstrate their understanding of theoretical information – acquired thanks to theoretical lectures - through practical work on real case studies; in this way, they will taste a hands-on experience of social media management activities as if they were real professionals. Additionally, they will be given assignments that will enhance their technological skills in relation with current social media platforms.

To best round out knowledge on the subject, a number of industry experts will be invited to give seminars devoted to specific topics.

Examination information

The final course evaluation will consist of: 

  • Written exam (70%)
  • Group works (30%)

Students will also have the chance to acquire bonus scores if they will be able to complete some professional certifications, which are vital when applying for jobs in social media management or digital marketing in general.

Required Material

To best pass this course, students should refer to "lecture notes" prepared by the course director and posted on the iCorsi platform. Supplementary materials include book chapters in which key concepts are covered as well as reports and scientific article covering social media management specific topics. All material will still be made available on iCorsi.