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Institute for Public Communication (ICP)


The Institute of Public Communication (ICP) covers five main research areas:

  • Public Communication: deals with the distinct but organically linked sectors of the political, institutional and social communication of public or private institutions which work in local, national and international contexts
  • Psychology of Interpersonal Communication (PInC): studies interpersonal communication in the sense of cooperative activity in its cognitive and relational aspects
  • Social Marketing (BeCHANGE): involves social marketing projects and health promotion through the use of communication technologies on local and international scales
  • Intercultural Communication: a transversal and interdisciplinary field that examines interaction in which interlocutors (individuals, social actors, media) have different cultural references
  • Public Communication Law: concerns the application of laws on access to information, on data protection and on public archives as well as on public-service broadcasting.

And a Center for Civic Studies which deals with the application of the methods and techniques of public communication to the themes of civic education.
The Center for the Advancement of Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety represents an international, interdisciplinary collaboration of experts seeking to improve patient safety and quality of care through innovative applications of communication theory.

The courses offered by the Institute are:

  • Core courses for the Bachelors degree and for specialization in "public communication"
  • Master courses in public communication in the context of the PMP Master
  • Master of Advanced Studies in Intercultural Communication (MIC) and Master of Advanced Studies in Education Management for managers of educational institutes (GeFo).

Competence areas